The BEST KETO Bread!

I’ve been trying out bread recipes without grains for 10 years. This is by far the best! I made it as a bread and not buns. I like the method using boiling water.… Continue reading

how to make Kombucha at home

I think it’s ridiculous that they charge $5 for a bottle of Kombucha when it costs about $1 to make a gallon!  ugh.  I started making mine a few years back.   It’s… Continue reading

the Best Keto ICECREAM!

I was inspired by Brittany Angell for this one.  I love Ice Cream!  LOVE!!!  Most store bought and ice cream parlour brands are so full of sugar and god knows what else! This… Continue reading

Paleo Peach Apple Crumble – Marta Blaze

I love apple crumble!  I know the non paleo version, although absolutely delicious is not the most forgiving on the waist line. I wanted to do an apple crumble that the kids could… Continue reading

Go Nuts for Donuts!

Chocolate Coffee Banana Donuts Do you ever watch the Food Network when you’re hungry? That’s the worst idea ever known to man, especially now with HD channels. Boy o boy! I was watching… Continue reading

Thanksgiving Side Dish: Bacon and Chive Sweet Potato Biscuits

I’m loving this site right now!  – Paleo OMG  She’s funny and has great recipes. Thanks Jess for recommending her! I just made these for the family. Maya loved them, Calvin loved them… Continue reading

Fruit Smoothies popsicles

  I use my Vitamixer for this but any blender on high will do. I’ve noticed that the fruit popsicles are the new rage. They are often described as a healthy snack, but sadly… Continue reading

Pumpkin cranberry muffins

Original Recipe from Balanced Bites Mariela's notes: I made these on Sunday and haven't taken a picture of them nor was I able to take pictures of the process. It was pretty simple… Continue reading

Apricot Protein Bars – Paleo

Apricot Protein Bars – Paleo I’m finding these are very filling and a great breakfast or snack.  I find that I don’t crave sugar or other snacks when I have these around. I… Continue reading

What does a nosey pepper do?

Gets jalapeño business! HA! I’m here all night people. No, seriously – I ate so much at my Easter meal, I can no longer move from my couch. What can these three things… Continue reading