250141_10152118838580511_766473791_nMarta is the owner and head coach of CrossFit and Pilates Pickering.

In 1991, when I moved to France, I stopped eating meat. I ate fish, but the thought of cooking meat disgusted me.  Until 1993, that’s the way it was. Then when I graduated from University, I decided to try Macrobiotics. That lasted about a year.  It was a revelation in nutrition!  I moved downtown with my friend Becky in 1994 and living downtown was hard on my macrobiotic ways.  Soon, pizza and wine took over and Macrobiotics went out the window!

I still did not eat any meat until I was Sailing in the Caribbean for 8 months.  When you’re in the Caribbean you eat what you can, otherwise you’re eating beans and rice all the time. I started eating chicken and turkey again.

I”m hypoglycaemic and don’t do well with Beef or Pork.  I will eat bacon once a while.  In the past 8 months I decided to start intermittent fasting.  I eat between 1 pm and 8 Pm every day.   I’ve also been eating Ketogenically for about 8 months, on and off.

I am a foodie. I love cooking, I love recipe books, I love the creativity of food. In my house we joke that my Superpower is cooking.

Proud Promoter of:  Ketones for Health