What’s the deal with Kelp and Konjac noodles?

Ok, so as I don’t eat grains and sometimes get tired of zucchini noodles I thought i would give these a try.   I read some reviews online and was super scared of trying them. Will they be fishy?  Like Rubber Bands? Will I die?

After trying both ( i was genuinely scared), I like them both!


Here is a good article from Dr. Mercola about these noodles


  • Rinse them well under cold water – the Konjac noodles do have a fishy smell, but once rinsed, the smell goes away.  they don’t taste fishy at all and absorb the taste of the food very well.
  • Soak them for about 3 or 4 hours in water with a touch of lemon juice. I used a nice Honey and Ginger vinegar for the Konjac noodles because I was making Thai Curry.
  • Drain them and throw them into your favourite sauce.
  • Drink water after eating Konjac noodles as supposedly they absorb water. I’m not sure how they do that, as they are already stored in water…..
  • For the Kelp noodles – I did a tomato sauce with Meatballs

For the Konjac Noodles  – i did a green thai curry with chicken.

I’m thinking of doing a clam pasta soon with the Konjac noodles!

They both tasted great


  • Super low calorie
  • Helps you feel full
  • extra fibre
  • Do not go soggy in sauce even if you cook them for a bit
  • You can’t eat a ton of them because they are super filling
  • No carbs!
  • texture is similar to ramen or mung bean noodles for the Kelp Noodles
  • they help with gut flora

I would highly recommend them if you want noodles but do not eat grains!