Coconut cream Kefir


It’s so simple!!!  People charge an arm and a leg for coconut Kefir.  really not sure why.  it

Firstly you must buy the kefir “grains”.  They are not grains, they are what ferments the coconut milk.  If you’re in Durham you can buy them here:

Kefir is so much healthier than Yogurt and because it’s homemade you know exactly what went in it!


packet of Kefir Grains – rehydrated – follow the directions on the package

1 can of Coconut cream. I get mine from Blue Sky.  Put it in the fridge for a few hours and do not shake it!

pickle jar with breathable fabric to put on top with an elastic.  I use this really cool fabric with beeswax that i bought at the oneofakind show last year.

1 tbs sugar


carefully take out the coconut cream, leaving the watery juice on the bottom of the can.

Put in kefir grains

add sugar


cover with cheesecloth or whatever you have on hand as long as it’s breathable.

leave on your counter.

In 24 or so hours you have kefir.

Strain it

store it in a small jar in the fridge.  Mine lasts about 2 weeks.

What to do with the grains:

Make sure to not throw them out!

I put the grains in cow’s milk in a closed jar in my fridge for about 2 days before making another batch. As I only use Coconut cream, the milk proteins and sugars help re-energize the grains.