White Coat Black Hat – Adventures on the dark side of medicine

This is a hair raising book review!  I'm not surprised by this and it's great to see someone blow the whistle on big pharma.

"This book contains bad news. But, the good news is that it’s all written down and verifiable – all facts, no opinions. If you were recently given a drug prescription, this book is the first line of defence: read it before the trip to the pharmacy. In White Coat Black Hat, Carl Elliott, a doctor and professor of bioethics at the University of Minnesota, provides a guided tour through conventional medicine. Having researched this topic for more than a decade, I believed myself to be surprise- and disgust-proof, but no – Elliott’s book stunned me. In it, he presents incontrovertible evidence that drug and vaccine development, the clinical trials that bring them to market, the methods employed to hook doctor compliance, the professional publications justifying them, the expert “thought leaders,” the medical education system, the regulatory systems expected to work for the public interest, and even the diagnostic criteria themselves, all amount to one enormous lie."

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