Primal Friendly Hot Chocolate!

I was planning on going skating and thought it would not be the same without a hot treat! So if you find yourself home this weekend with a book or out on the rinks try this receipeI found to add a little fun and deliciousness to the night!


120 mL Cocunut milk

1.35 oz dark chocolate

2 tbsp. shredded coconut

First, measure out your coconut milk into a heavy saucepan set over low heat. Chop or grate your chocolate so it will melt easier. (I use Taza Chocolate because it is truly minimally processed, which creates a very fruity but still very chocolatey taste that doesn’t overpower the coconut milk.)

Add your chocolate to the milk. This is the time to add a spice (or two), something like cinnamon, cayenne,cardamon, or maybe some orange zest, whatever you’re in the mood for.

Turn the heat up to medium and whisk around to melt the chocolate, turn off the heat just before the coconut
milk comes to a boil. Pour into your two double espresso cups.
Put a small saute pan over medium high heat and drop in your shredded coconut to toast it. Move it around
frequently or else it will burn! Once it’s nice and golden brown, drop one tablespoon each onto your filled cups and enjoy the sizzling sound it makes! Serve!

Alternately, don’t serve, but cover and refrigerate until completely chilled, then serve with a spoon. Thanks tothe addition of the chocolate, the coconut milk won’t separate or harden in the fridge, though it will become abit thicker. The toasted coconut will sink to the bottom, and damn, digging that out with your spoon is a fine,
fine thing!


Happy Winter Drinking everyone!