my tirade against McDonald’s

For anyone who knows me they usually know that I hate most fast food joints, yes I use the word HATE, which I usually don't use either.   BUT,  it pisses me off the way they get the poor kiddies in with the stupid gimmicks and toys and then serve them up crap.  the crap is so addictive, they want to come back for more crap. personally I cannot eat McDonald's. About 2 years ago, Tom and I were on a trip and we were so hungry that we had to stop at a Mcdonald's. I thought, ok, what's the safest thing on the menu?  I had their icecream and french fries. Felt like crap within half an hour and nursed a bad food hangover for 2 days.  That was 2 years ago. I can probably count on one hand the amount of times I've been to a fast food joint in the past 20 years.  I mean the scary ones, not the ones who make their own burgers and are owned by the local mom and pop.

Here is another revelation from the gazette:

What McDonald's chicken nuggets really contain

Montreal Gazette

It seems Melodi Dushane of Toledo, Ohio, wasn't concerned about dimethyl polysiloxane or tertiary butylhydroquinone in her Chicken McNuggets, or about the allegation that they were made of 56 per cent corn. Even though it was 6:30 a.m., she had to have them. When told the nuggets were not available at that time of the morning, Dushane went into a frenzy and began to pummel the drive-thru employee before smashing a window with a beer bottle and driving off. Read more here


ok, here is more on Mcdonald's:

Woman Keeps McDonalds Burger for 12 Years