My favourite Vegetable soup

I’m a soup lover. Probably because of my upbringing. I think Polish people like soup because it was  a good cheap staple in times of lack. I make my own chicken broth. Once… Continue reading

Peanut butter cups

I love Peanut butter – well pretty much anything! I made these as they are Keto and you feel like you’re having dessert although it’s all healthy!  The measurements are goofy, because I… Continue reading

the Best Meatloaf – no grains!

I’ve tried many recipes for meatloaf, some have been great and some have been so-so. I took the recipe from Nom Nom Paleo and changed it,quite a bit to suit my tastes. I… Continue reading

Corn Chowder with Chipotle

I love soup. I made this soup over the weekend and everyone agreed that this is the best soup ever!  It’s in the Food and Drink magazine for fall 2017. I of course… Continue reading

Mexican Cauliflower Rice

This recipe was originally on Brittany Angell’s free recipe website. It is now very sadly gone. I’m still waiting for her book to come out.  It was meant to come out this past… Continue reading

Chipotle Beef Chili

I don’t usually eat beef, but this chili is awesome! I’ve been making this for about 6 years.  It’s a fall family favourite.  The longer it cooks, the better it is. tastes even… Continue reading

27 Keto Desserts

Once a day, I like to have a little snack.  not much.  Just something that satisfies that feeling of still having fun food and not feeling deprived. found this today, thought I would… Continue reading

Coconut Peanut Cookies

When everyone is pigging out on dessert, you can have a cookie too and feel good about it!  I originally found this recipe on  Divalicious recipes and modified to suit my tastes…. Stay… Continue reading

Macadamia Coconut wafers

this will satisfy your snacking needs!  Macadamia nuts are great because they are full of good fat.  Try to eat them more often! Ingredients: 1 cup Raw Macadamia nuts 1 cup unsweetened shredded… Continue reading

Coconut cream Kefir

It’s so simple!!!  People charge an arm and a leg for coconut Kefir.  really not sure why.  it Firstly you must buy the kefir “grains”.  They are not grains, they are what ferments… Continue reading